Liars and Thieves

by Frozen Coco



“Liars and Thieves” is the first single release to be penned by Luke Slomba. Following on the heels of their debut album, only two band members performed on this song. The song initially resembled a light piano ballad when written, but was transformed into an edgier rock number with Diyath Yavin on electric guitars, and Luke Slomba debuting on bass, due to a post-album production hiatus taken by the rest of the band. The band also debuted their first ever music video along with the release:

Diyath Yavin: vocal, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, piano
Luke Slomba: electric bass, drums


Everyone's a liar
Everyone's a thief
You can't go a second without
Lying through your teeth

You bind my hands and tie my feet
As I stare at this bridge that cracks underneath

You say I'm a coward
I wouldn't run from rain
The rain drops in my hair keep me from
Being dull and plain

This routine gets old
Every day's the same
Sometimes I start to wonder,
What do I have to gain?

Liars and thieves,
Out in the streets
Liars and thieves!


released October 5, 2013
- Composition: Slomba
- Lyrics: Slomba
- Producer: Yavin



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Frozen Coco

Frozen Coco were a rock band that was formed on June 23, 2011. It was a purely online collaboration between Diyath Yavin (piano/other instruments), Bastián Núñez (electric bass) and Matt Hambra (guitar) who never met each other in person. Frozen Coco released seven singles, an EP, and a full-length album over their period of existence of two-and-a-half years. ... more

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